Nail Every Note

Nail Every Note


I’m Adrienne Osborn, the founder, owner and lead instructor of Performance High.  I’m also a musician, vocalist, voice coach, and the creator of Nail Every Note.

Nail Every Note is a video vocal training program.  It’s streamable and downloadable.  It contains information, exercises, tips, real lessons with real students, and an e-book.  It’s massive.  It’s just about everything I teach in my lessons.

I created Nail Every Note for three reasons:

1) Because I wished something like it existed when I was trying to learn to sing.

2) Because I want to be able to help many more people than I have time for in my busy schedule.

3) Because I know most people can’t afford to spend lots of money on private voice lessons.


  • 120+ video lessons
  • 35+ exercises
  • 200+ tips and tricks
  • 150+ exercise backing tracks
  • Hours of real student lessons, and
  • A 35-page eBook containing solutions for the 39 most common vocal technique issues.


  • How to sing with more power
  • How to sing high notes easily
  • How to improve your tone… instantly
  • How to sing lower… and get more presence and power out of your very lowest notes
  • How to sing longer phrases
  • How to improve tone across your entire range
  • How to eliminate the break in your voice
  • How to change your tone to be darker, lighter, rounder, brighter
  • How to belt easily
  • How to sing louder and project more
  • How to perfect your riffs, runs, and embellishments
  • How to improve your pitch
  • …and much more!

And it’s on sale for $185.
(Reg. $485 – save $300 thru Dec 25)


What I DON’T want is for another year to go by and for you to be even more frustrated and still struggling to make sense of your voice.  I don’t want another year to go by where you lose your voice during a hard 45-minute or a 4-hour set.  And I certainly don’t want you to waste a year and thousands of dollars with a private voice teacher (like I did once!) and be no better a singer a year later.

If you’d like to read more about Nail Every Note, you can get a lot more details here.

If you’d like to buy Nail Every Note now, you can do that by just clicking here.  If you buy it as a gift, I suggest using your own email address rather than the recipient’s, or completing the purchase but not registering the program.  Then we can switch the email address or complete the registration later.  I am very responsive via email, even over the holidays, and can help you out with all of that.

If you have any questions before buying, feel free to contact me at

buy-now-button-3(and save $300… only through Dec 25)

 P.S. If you don’t like it or change your mind, just let me know within 30 days and I’ll refund your payment, no questions asked. $40-$100