Group Voice Lessons

Yes!  We offer group voice lessons.  Whether you are a husband/wife duo looking for a fun new experience, singers in a band, or middle-school kids looking for an after-school activity, we can accommodate group lessons. If you have a group that would like to take lessons, just let us know some times your group is available, and whether you want to meet in Denver or Lafayette, and we’ll make it happen!


Kids and teens (up to age 17):  $95/month for weekly 55-min lessons.  Minimum 2, maximum 6 in a group.  Payment due the 25th of each preceding month.

Adults (18 and over):  40% off private lesson rates for 2 people and 50% off private lesson rates for 3 or more people.  Rates vary by teacher and frequency.  Minimum 2, maximum 6.  No term commitment unless you select the Monthly Pass. $40-$100